Why you will want the Nexus One over the iPad

All the hype today is over Apple’s announcement of the new iPad multi-touch screen laptop/notebook/netbook/tablet computer.  Seems like an oversized iPhone or iPod to me at first glance.

You will want to buy the Google Nexus One because you are all in on Google services.  You are a user of Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Voice, Google Reader and many other wonderful Google services. 

With the iPad starting at $499 for a 16 GB and the Nexus one at potentially $179 for 16 GB.  Not to mention the size of the two devices.  One you can put in your shirt pocket while the other will need to be put into a binder essentially.  They both have Wi-Fi while the Nexus One has 3G for a price less than the iPad will be with 3G capability.  Where is the microSD slot on the iPad?  Don’t tell me once again Apple limits expansion of memory.

Either way it goes the technology is progressing rather nicely right now.  Thinner, light weight and more compact is pleasing to me.  If your an Apple/Mac/iPhone user you will kill for the new iPad.  If your like me and keep an open mind then you will want the new Nexus One.



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  1. Good points on the 2 systems Jeff. As you know, I’m not an Apple fan. I am wanting the Motorola Droid over the Nexus One though. What are your thoughts on the two of them?

    Anthony Russo
    Skype: anth.russo
    Twitter: @AnthonyRusso

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