Why do we care if Twitter fails?

Jack Dorsey CEO and Founder of Twitter talks about how Twitter was formulated in his mind.  Then he talks about his vision of Twitter.

A few things come to mind while watching this video.  The first and foremost is WHY does society care about there friends going to get a haircut?  Amazes me Twitter was thought up to help his mother find a purse.  He goes on to say he started to watch different agencies use short messages (SMS/text messages) to convey a message.  Now this idea sounds more like Twitter.

I watch tweets fly by and it seems there is a lot of talk about when Twitter was down last night or having issues again.  Seems to be a regular occurrence.  If this was your Internet provider you would have changed providers by now.  Sure a lot of people have jumped over to FriendFeed and other knock offs but if you look at there feeds a majority are from Twitter.

I think people these days are in a hurry and want simplicity.  They want to give people updates quick and on the go (160 characters or less).  I notice since using Twitter, FriendFeed, and Tumblr that I do not blog as much.  The other morning, 2 am, my brain was wondering why I use these easier services more than I post on Fam5?  The simple fact is I like the ability to post small random thoughts I have throughout the day.  As I am surfing the vast world wide web I want a way to mark things I enjoy and perhaps that others will find interesting. 

I have even tested a few apps (tinytwitter, twitterlicious, and twittoday) for my windows mobile 6 device.  Even though you don’t need an app to send tweets you can just text message (send updates to: 40404) your tweet to twitter. The apps allow you to read other tweets and reply to them.

Still trying to find my niche with Twitter.  Right now I just send little thoughts of the day or comment on other tweets.  I guess I need to get a family member or friend on Twitter and see if it changes my perspective.  I tried to put Twitter away a few times but keep going back to it because of how simple it is.

What about you do you use Twitter? 
If you do is it useful to you?  
What do you do with Twitter?

I can be found on Twitter @admiral70 look forward to following you.

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2 Responses to Why do we care if Twitter fails?

  1. I recently joined up on Twitter. I have been hearing so much about it, but been reluctant as I didn’t “get it”. That seems to be their slogan when I read about them. You eventually hjust have to “get it” to understand.

    It’s been about a week and I am starting to see the benefit. I am meeting more people, some in a professional regard, and others just because they seem friendly. I started with just answering their hanging question whenever I could of “What are you doing now?”, but now I am seeing myself reply to other peoples comments and having conversations about little things. I am also learning a lot of new things on there before I see them anyplace else.

    I think I’m on the edge of “getting it”. I hope this doesn’t turn into an addiction like I hear it does. That was my other reason for being reluctant to join.

    See you there.


  2. Admiral70 says:


    First off thank you for visiting Fam5. I think part of the ‘don’t get it’ is it really is simple as it looks. I found twitter from one of my many daily reads. Since I have become a carious user not quite addicted. Starting to get addicted. I find myself in the office 😉 typing a text message to twitter.

    I normally don’t get a lot of comments back until recently. Thank you to @AnthonyRusso. Have a great weekend.


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