Tom Cruise is the last barman poet, see for yourself.

As an old bartender/bar manger I get all worked up when I watch the movie Cocktail.  Makes me want to get back into the bar business.  It was nothing to do a 12 hour shift at BB’s lounge in the Holiday Inn Chico, CA go home get 3-4 hours of sleep and get back at again.  I have always said that bartending is a great way to make money for college.  That is if your of age to bartend.  Once you become good at bartending you can pretty much right your ticket for where you work.  It’s a hard industry to break into but well worth it if you get in.  To help you a little  be sure to read 73 FREE cocktail recipes bartending schools want you to pay hundreds of dollars to learn.  Once you study up stop by to test your your booze knowledge and see if you learned anything.

As much as I enjoy Cocktail you can’t get this kind of action from the movie.  This is Rodrigo Delpech world-class flair bartender and winner of many awards.

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  1. Tom Cruise you’re the the cutest guy ever seen. Leave that katie holmes and marry me.

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