Thunder, Lighting, Rain, and Hail

Last night in Shasta Lake City we had a storm like no other.  The clouds built up over the day and by the afternoon we were having showers.  At about 7 pm we started to here the thunder at a distance.  Over the next hour the thunder became increasingly louder and closer.  It rained off an on during that hour and then the show started.  Lighting shot across the sky from every direction.  Then shortly after we would hear the crackling.  The family sat at our back sliding glass door watching all this enjoying Mother Nature’s show.  My 2 year old thought it was GREAT she would say WOW when the lighting hit and was amazed.  A couple of time the thunder hit hard and she climbed all over me.  We lit candles and gathered flashlights just in case the power went out.  Amazingly it never did flicker or go out the whole time.

I found myself reminiscing about the days as a kid watching the lighting at our Butte Street home in Corning.  We had a large window in the dining room that we use to sit at watching and listening to the thunder and lightening.  This storm we had last night reminded of those times.  It seems these days we do not have storms as elaborate as those.  Needless to say this storm was a welcome sight in my eyes.

Taken by Mike Greener
Taken by Mike Greener/Record Searchlight. 

This is a shot he took at about 9:15 pm last night.  This shows some of what we saw from our house.  To read more about the storm see Record Searchlights ‘Rain cools hot July‘.

Today so far is crystal clear and going to be in the upper 80’s.  They say in the 100’s by Sunday, we shall wait and see.

If you saw some of the storm last night or have experiences with Mother’s Nature please leave me a comment.

Have a great day everyone.

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3 Responses to Thunder, Lighting, Rain, and Hail

  1. Apparently, the weather was more entertaining in Redding than it was here in Corning. All we had was a bit of drizzle and some high humidity. Today is forecast to be 87 degrees and 70% humidity. That is certainly not typical mid-July weather, but I will enjoy it considerably more than I did yesterday’s weather.

    – David

  2. admin says:

    Ah yes d()()d as I recall you are a warm weather fellow. It was exciting up this way and a nice change even for a day. Of course my father did not like it either as all holes are now full of water.


  3. I enjoyed yesterday’s weather considerably more than I did the rain. I watched the humidity drop from 83% at 7 Am to 23% at 2 PM. I like sunshine and low humidity!

    – David

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