The Many Distractions of Driving

DistractionsOn my way to work this morning I noticed the truck in front of me had some thing going on in the front seats.  I continued to look a little closer and noticed this lady was combing her daughters hair while driving her to school.  That made think about the many distractions of driving.  Like this lady leaning over to the passenger seat coming her daughters hair while the truck was moving.  I would imagine she takes her eyes off the road 2-5 seconds many times while preforming this task.  Then later down the road I looked to my right and there was a gentleman reading the newspaper and driving.  At this point I am wondering to myself how in the world any of us make it work with all these distractions.  At the next stop sign I looked at the other three cars stopped to see what they were doing.  One car there were a couple of guys banging there heads like they were at a Metal Death concert.  Straight ahead was a lady putting on eyeliner and to the right a gentleman was lighting a pipe.  Made me kind of laugh and shake my head and then I took a look at myself and here I had my two hands up on the steering wheel typing a text message, No, No, No.

  Here I was thinking to myself about all the distracted drivers around me and I was one of the distracted drivers myself.  I guess the point to all this is we need to start paying attention to the road and less on the distractions in our on vehicles.  Here are some simple yet effective ways to be safe on the road.

  • Go hands free on your cell phone (will be law next year in California).
  • Don’t read while driving instead listen to the radio.
  • Get up early to get your makeup on and be ready to drive to work.
  • Count to three when a stop light turns green.  This will insure everyone is through the light and you won’t get t-boned.

Do you have some pointers you would like to share?

Have a great weekend and be safe on the road 🙂


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6 Responses to The Many Distractions of Driving

  1. Jeff,

    You address some very important issues. I recently saw a documentary on driving distractions, and it was determined that using a cell phone diminishes one’s capacity to drive more than alcohol does. That is a frightening concept, yet the documentary proved it to be accurate.

    My Nitor R/T has UConnect hands-free communication built in, and Laura uses a Bluetooth headset for hands-free communication.

    I routinely see people driving and chattering–cell phones stuck to their ears–and I quiver with fear.

    – David

  2. OOPS! Make that Nitro R/T. A caution to all: Proof prior to sending.

  3. admin says:

    I would like to see that documentary sometime. I have a bluetooth ear pierce and after taking a good look at myself I am using it more when I drive. I will be making a post about my new cell phone and how I use the bluetooth with it.

    Sounds like Mr. Nitro is well equipped and take care of you David.

    Have a good weekend.


  4. YA cell phones are nasty, I lost count on home many times I almost got hit or hit someone while useing it.

  5. Bluetooth is sweet. Mr. Nitro has Bluetooth and connects to my Motorola RAZR nicely. Incoming calls mute the stereo, and the caller’s voice comes through the stereo. Multiple phones can be paired to Mr. Nitro’s UConnect system, and address books and multiple listings within them are easily facilitated. Interestingly, if I am talking on the RAZR and enter Mr. Nitro, when I turn the key to Start or Auxiliary, Mr. Nitro’s UConnect engages and takes over control of the call. Etc., etc., etc.


  6. admin says:

    Hi Collin

    Have you started to use a headset of some sort yet? I am finding it does help.

    Thanks for commenting on our blog.

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