Sunrise During a Huge Wildfire

During a recent wildfire out of Plumas County about 100 miles southeast of Redding caused smoke to fill the valley.  On my way to work recently I encountered quite a site.  The sun was rising through all the smoke and was bright orange/red color.   This photo shows the sunrising through the trees.

Sunrise during a fire

There is a new sub division being built on a slope in Shasta Lake City.  I drove up to the top of it and took this picture.  It almost looks like the sun is going to slam into the earth.

Sunrise with heavy smoke

The smoke is still lingering throughout the valley and expected to stay around all week.  Would be nice if we got a little breeze from the North to help drive it south.

Have a great week.


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2 Responses to Sunrise During a Huge Wildfire

  1. I looked at the morning sky and was unhappy that it was gloomy and dark. Then, I thought how much worse it could be and quickly chastised myself for being so selfish. Thinking of those more directly affected by the fire made me realize how selfish I had been.

  2. admin says:

    I agree I don’t know that latest number of acres burned but it’s a lot.


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