Snowing in Shasta Lake

As you can see by the picture and video (sorry for poor quality) it is snowing today. The road was pretty slushy and slow going. I decided to leave work and telework today in case the roads get any worse.

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3 Responses to Snowing in Shasta Lake

  1. There is a mere 6 degrees separating the high and low temperatures for the day here: 36 low / 42 high.

    BUT, there is no snow!

    Snow is nice to look at in pictures, but I dislike driving in it.

    – David

  2. Admiral70 says:

    As you may have seen in the video it was no fun driving home. It was really slushy and wet. Mr. Nitro would have had no problems driving in it.


  3. Jeff,

    Mr. Nitro would probably have enjoyed driving in the snow. I, however, would not! Oh, well, maybe I would, just a little!

    – David

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