She’s F**king Matt Damon!

Just could not pass this video up.  I think I busted a gut the first time I saw it.  Sarah Silverman takes her shots at Jimmy Kimmel with the help of Matt Damon.

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3 Responses to She’s F**king Matt Damon!

  1. J Steyskal says:

    Looks for Kimmel’s Reply… He F’ing Ben Afflac

    also a side now its the F’ing Seth rogan video. But it is kinda an ad for Kevin Smiths new movie.

  2. Admiral70 says:

    I shall search them out. This vid made me laugh and I like to post about funny stuff on occasion. Hey check out my new project at


  3. Jeff Turner says:

    Yeah… bust a gut is right! So glad I came over from Twitter. 🙂

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