Shasta Lake

Went to Shasta Lake over the weekend to fish, swim, and relax.  Even though Shasta Lake is at an all time low it was still a very nice relaxing time.  Went out with the family and my brother Ryan.  Here is a picture of Uncle Ryan with our 2 1/2 year old Adriana.


As you can see from the picture it was a good time had by all.  To give you an example of how far down the lake is in the picture below you will see a lot of dirt. 


Yes the water is normally up to the trees.  This lake feeds the Sacramento River which in turn feeds the central valley for agriculture and drinking water.  The fishing is not all that hot right now due to how low the lake is. 


Here is my Dad trying to catch a fish which we have been skunked for about a week.  We are thinking the fish are deep for cooler water so we will try to go deep and see what happens.  If you have never been to Shasta Lake you should come out to Northern California and give it try.  Ask my friend Rich how much fun it can be?  A little inside joke that I could not do justice trying to explain.  Just imagine high speeds and a body rolling across the lake.

Take care everyone.


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3 Responses to Shasta Lake

  1. It appears that you had an enjoyable time at Shasta Lake. That is great. Time spent enjoying life in the company of friends and family is time well spent indeed.

    – David

  2. admin says:


    One of these days we need to get you and Laura up here for a day of fun in the sun.


  3. That sounds good.

    This summer is slipping by quickly. I have not had Mr. Nitro to the River yet, and I have owned him since February 5. Yikes! We must take him there–perhaps this Saturday. I know he will enjoy cruising the beach there.

    It is shameful having the River so close and not visiting it regularly!

    – David

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