Samsung Gear VR A Pleasant Surprise.

I’ve been using the Samsung Gear VR for a week now. Here is a small review of how the last week has gone in virtual reality (VR). Keep in mind that I am new to VR.

I do recommend a game controller the SteelSeries Stratus XL has been flawless for me so far. The controller makes it easier to maneuver around VR and especially helpful killing all the Aliens and little monsters.

Recommended games and apps as the first to download.

Herobound – these little bastards are addicting. This game produces one of the orientation issues I list below.

Herobound VR Game

Herobound Spirit Champion: Gear VR

Gunjack – I can play this game for hours shooting down Alien spaceships. Gives the neck a heck of a workout.


Gunjack VR game

Other games I have recommended can be found on G+ at…

Pros and Cons of the Samsung Gear VR.


The price for the Gear VR is right at $99 if you already own a Samsung compatible phone ( This makes entering Virtual Reality a lot more cost effective than the Rift, Vive or Hololens.

Certainly glad VR eats through the battery that is a built in timer. Keeps me on a short leash to stay honest to the warnings. Who would have thought this would be a pro.


When using the headset the orientation wonders off. As an example when I’m playing a game I’m looking straight initially. After a while I find that I am sitting sideways and no longer facing forward. No this is not part of the game. If I am not in a chair that swivels 360° then it is quite uncomfortable.

If I lie down and put the goggles on and startup Netflix the screen does not orientate based on my position lying down. It would be nice to lay down put Gear VR On start Netflix and have the screen directly in front of my eyes. Instead now the movie is down which is based on the sitting position again this has to do with orientation and would be nice to be able to correct on the fly.

The lenses are blurry around the edges. I am sure due to the shape of the lens. It produces a small field of view and makes you move your head a lot more than it probably needs.

Your phone can overheat easily and causes the Gear VR to give a message to remove phone to cool down.

Price of games and apps are on target of Apple apps. There are free ones but some really cool ones cost $2.99 and up with most in the $4.99 to $9.99 per game.

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