What is Twitter?

I have been asked by a few people what Twitter is and how to use it.  Well rather than reinvent the wheel I thought I would post a video that sums it all up.

To sign up and add your first followers this nicely done video will assist you.

I enjoy reading a lot of blogs and now social sites such as twitter.  I only signup for sites that allow reading and posting from mobile phones such as my BlackBerry Storm.  Twitter is free and I recommend signing up and adding me @Admiral70 to your followers and I will follow you back.

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How to solve error’s backing up a BlackBerry Storm

Do you get an error in desktop manager when you try to back up your BlackBerry Storm? Follow these steps to solve this problem.

  • Open Desktop Manager and plug in your BlackBerry Storm
  • Go to Backup and Restore
  • Click the Advanced button
  • Highlight Browser Data Cache under device databases
  • click clear
Desktop Manager for BlackBerry Storm

Desktop Manager for BlackBerry Storm

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13 Must Have Blackberry Storm Apps

BlackBerry StormI have switched to a Blackberry Storm with Verizon.  I have used BlackBerry devices for years.  The Blackberry Storm takes a lot of getting use to but is a powerhouse for business and pleasure needs. I have a lot of applications on mine and constantly adding and deleting new ones daily.  I have updated the OS to BBCrackman v5.1-141 a hacked version which has helped tremendously.

Here are the 13 apps I use daily on my Blackberry Storm.

  • Viigo – Instant access to breaking news, entertainment, sports, finance, weather, flight schedules, restaurant reviews, games, local attractions, and more. Make navigating your day effortless with Viigo.
  • Facebook – Hooked on Facebook®? Now you can take Facebook with you on your BlackBerry® smartphone wherever you go and stay logged in as long as you want. Download this free application today and take connecting with your friends to a whole new level.
  • UberTwitter – A full featured twitter client for the BlackBerry Storm
  • Slacker – Slacker is a free personalized radio service featuring over 100 expert-programmed genre stations and the ability to create your own perfect stations.
  • RDM+ – connects your mobile device to remote computer with Windows OS and provides the ability to perform different tasks you usually do on your desktop wirelessly behind firewall and NAT.
  • Qik – Qik enables you to share your moments live with your friends, family and the world—right from your mobile phone!
  • StormYahtzee – StormYahtzee is your classic Yahtzee game with a modern twist. This is a really addicting, yet fun game.
  • Backgammon – a game of luck and skill that has been entertaining millions of people throughout the world for centuries.
  • BerryPopup – easiest way to preview incoming e-mail and SMS messages the moment they arrive. See what is happening without switching away from what you are currently doing.
  • StormSlider – Now you can slide to unlock just like your iPhone / iPod Touch buddies
  • MeterBerry – Everything you need to manage battery and memory on your Blackberry Storm.
  • CaptureIT – application designed to help fellow developers and BlackBerry Storm  users share a picture of their screen with ease.
  • AppleBerry Theme – one of the most popular BlackBerry themes ever made. This theme provides you with a world-class design experience, making your BlackBerry a true joy to use.

As you can see by these 13 BlackBerry Storm applications there is a diversity of work, fun, and plain interesting applications available.  I recommend all new BlackBerry Storm users bookmark the following websites/forums.

CrackBerry.com is for users and abusers of BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerryOS.com for all things BlackBerry and specializing in all things BlackBerry OS.

I found this post pretty accurate to my life A day in the life of a BlackBerry Storm power user.  In closing do not listen to the ones that say the BlackBerry Storm is a terrible device.  I am here to tell you that if you like technology and being connected then the BlackBerry Storm is for you.

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Taphandle-TV Mixes it up with Cabo Wabo Tequila

My Ustream favorite has returned to Friday nights.  Taphandle-tv had to switch to Monday’s for awhile and I was unable to attend during that time.  I was disappointed but Greg "Lordo" Lord (facebook profile) did us all a favor and returned to Friday nights at 9:30 PM ET (6:30 PM PT).  If you have never visited Ustream.tv stop by and check it out and then click on Taphandle-tv for some real action. 

Lordo serves up drinks at Taphandle-tv.  I have blogged about this show before but tonight Lordo took a shot of Cabo Wabo.  I know your think so what, well Lordo put Cabo Wabo Blanco Tequila in a custom mini oak barrel and aged it for 5 months.   White tequila in and a golden brown smoky flavor stronger flavor but equally smooth tequila out.  Check this barrel out:

Cabo Wabo Oak Barrel

Lordo on Taphandle-tv about to take a shot of that aged Cabo Wabo Blanco.  Such a sweet taste you can see Lordo’s excitement.  Goes down as smooth as it looks.  If your not farmiliar with Cabo Wabo Tequila check out there site.  Sammy Hagar brought Cabo Wabo mainstream and such a hidden gem.

Cabo Wabo shot on Taphandle-tv 

Stick with the show on occasions it starts off slow but as you can see below the show gets hot sometimes on fire.  The show is interactive with polls and a live chat room great times had by all.

 fireshot on Taphandle-tv

Just when you think the show could not drink any more beverages he whips out the big daddy drink the Sloe Comfortable Screw.  Check these ingredients out.

Southern Comfort
Sloe Gin
White Rum
Triple Sec
Sour Mix
Orange Juice

Shaken not stirred.  Oh yes Lordo enjoying that beverage that over 40 people voted on.


I can tell you from a bar manager from days of old.  I would hire Greg "Lordo" Lord to bartend at BB’s lounge in the Holiday Inn Chico, CA (no longer BB’s).  He has a personality that would bring the customers back night after night.  While watching the show Zane Savage stopped by to say hi.  Zane Savage streams 24×7 and is crazy and worth a bookmark.  The Yeti made a grand appearance tonight and had a couple of beverage with Lordo.  Say hi,


Check it out and have some fun Ustream.tv.

Check Admiral out on these fine social sites:

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