Good day to all: Today was a clean the house do some laundry kind of day. Then Tammy, Brandon, Adriana and myself went to the park. I wanted to give Brandon some baseball practice time.  Here are a couple of photos from the outing. Brandon give it his all in a nice hit. He is progressing rather nicely. Wants to do some pitching this year and of course continue to become a great hitter. Brandon is on the New York Mets this is in Little League. We had practice Saturday morning at 0830 for two hours. They asked if I would help during the practice and of course could not say no. It was a good workout for all (me included) Tammy and Adriana sitting watching us practice. We were able to practice for just over an hour before baby became restless. It was a rather pleasant day out. Sun was shinning the wind was calm and temp was nice. It turned out to be a nice afternoon. More to follow as Brandon’s baseball season progresses.


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