Our Fourth of July

We made it through another Fourth of July with no injuries.  It was over 110 degrees in the Shasta Lake City/Redding area so we stayed indoors the bulk of the day.Â

We went to my Dad’s for a BBQ and then that evening the family went swimming.  Tammy made some tasty salads and a desert.

Here we have a Seafood Ceaser Salad, dehydrated with the best machines from Village Bakery.



Watermelon Fruit Basket (I made most of those watermelon balls)



American Dream Torte



Dad and Kathy had steak and chicken shiskabobs and I BBQ them up for the group.

That night we drove up to my work Ch2m Hill which is off of Airpark Drive in Redding.  We have a balcony that over looks the Sundial Bridge where the fireworks are located.  Here are a couple of photos of the fireworks that lasted about 25 minutes.Â

It was a very pleasant evening and the fireworks were spectacular as usual.Â

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


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3 Responses to Our Fourth of July

  1. The food looks great! The fireworks photographs are great also. What a fine vantage point you had for the fireworks!

    – David

  2. admin says:

    I forgot to take pictures of the bobs but it was very tasty. The fireworks pictures is with a zoom but it was a very nice location. Not to mention did not have to deal with the huge traffic jam afterwards.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. The traffic jams are what keep me at home at times such as these. You were fortunate to avoid them.

    – David

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