Long Lost Navy Friend

David BrownFirst off, I can just hear Dave saying to himself, ‘did not know I was lost’.  Today I have officially been in contact with a long lost friend from my Navy days.  After many years of searching I have found my good friend David Brown.  We served together at the Airbase in Misawa, Japan.  I have found all the people I was looking for that I served with in Japan.  I had better friends in the Navy then I did in High School or growing up. 

I have to give credit to the website http://navy.togetherweserved.com.  If you ever served in the Navy please take the time to visit this website and search for some of your long lost friends.

it is funny (not really) how at the end of my stay in the Navy my friends gave me a great send off party and we shared contact information and said we would stay in touch.  Well it’s amazing how life just goes passes you by and you never get in touch or don’t stay in touch. 

Then thankfully technology happens and it makes it easier for people to stay in touch no matter what part of the world your in.  If it were not for email I would not be in contact with half of the people I am.

Have a great day.

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  1. I agree: The technology afforded us today allows us to seek, find, and remain in contact with people from whom we would otherwise be separated.

    – David

  2. vanessa says:

    Hey! thanks for checking out my blog, just came over to see yours 😉

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