Is Some Attention Better Than No Attention?

The other day I found myself reading my blackberry as someone was talking to me.  I did not give it much thought and went on about my business.  Today, I read a post by Yaro Starak at Entrepreneur’s Journey here is an excerpt from:

Are You Giving Your Customers Full Attention- 

To pay attention to any particular person, you must reorder your mind to the thoughts of that person. You must think her thoughts, feel her feelings and want what she wants, or you are not paying attention.

Fast forward to your home life and your own bad habits acquired in the “attention age.”

Your child is telling you a funny story about what happened today in fourth-grade science class, and as you are “listening,” you reflexively glance down at your Blackberry. Not once. Not twice. But constantly throughout the conversation. Your child notices the distraction. Worse yet, he now feels that you are more interested in the Blackberry than you are in him.

So much for winning “parent of the year.”…

It talks about more than paying attention to your kids but wanted to quote this part.  As a father of three I find my attention is never 100% on them when they are talking to me.  I tend to wander off into TV land or the world wide web.  It’s interesting how modern technology such as wireless laptops are nice and convenient but they also take our attention away from more important things in life such as family. 

I ponder just the opposite before having a wireless laptop I would have to go into the home office which is in the back of the house the furthermost point.  That means the family did not see much of me during the time I was “working”. 

I guess the real question would be, Is 60-80% of one’s attention better than zero percent?

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