How to interact with a blog

Good morning all:

I thought I would give some tidbits on how to use a blog.  First a blog is defined as:

(n) Short for Web Log, a blog is a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual.  Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author.

(v) To author a web log

Other forms: Blogger – a person who blogs.

An article in a blog is called a Post.

You can just visit a blog and read the great information or you can comment on post.  If you want to post comments then you will need to register an account.  This is required for two reasons.  First it insures your post are kept yours and not editable by other users.  Then there is the spam reason.  It insures a computer is not just automatically uploading spam to a blog.  This is highly important to a blog owner or what is known as Admin.

Now every blog can look different but there are some basics to understand.

When you read an article your actually reading a post.  Normally when you first access a blog site you are on the homepage and it shows the latest post.  To read the whole post/blog you click on the heading and it will take you to a page with all the post in it.  Try clicking on the heading for this post “How to interact with a blog”.

Somewhere in the blog there should be a navigation bar.  For this site it is to the right.  This bar holds various links and perhaps advertisements.  If you are interested in buying something you seen in a blog please use there link to purchase the product.  This in most cases gives the blog owner a kick back and helps with the cost of maintaining the blog.

On the navbar have links to various pages related to the owner of that blog.  I have links to About us, links, Our first home, etc… 

Then on most blogs you will find an Archive section.  This is usually done by date or sometimes by article titles.  This is done so that you will not need to scroll through potentially hundreds of post on the main page.

You see categories next and that gives quick and easy access to articles the author think there readers will want to access.  For us at for example if you click on Family and you will see all the articles we designate as Family related.

Next we have a Blogroll (links section) these are links to websites/blogs the blog owner finds interesting.

Meta is where you sign into the site so that you can make post.  Meta is not always a common term in blogging.  However, some where you have to login to make comments.

I hope all this helps and gives you some tidbits on how to use and enjoy reading and commenting on blogs.

Good luck and welcome aboard.


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  1. That is a good overview of blogs and blogging, Jeff!

    – David

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