House warming party

Whoa, what a day it has been.  A very nice day of family and friends.  My Aunt Sharon gave us a house warming party for our new home.  The party was from 10 am to 2 pm and then we had a late father’s day for Tammy Dad and Grandpa.  Tammy’s Grandma Nodie came up from Keys, CA (Outside of Turlock/Modesto) she brought Aunt Gerry and Aunt Irene.  Aunt Irene just arrived from Oklahoma and will be in California for a month.

Aunt Sharon and my cousin Todd (can you believe I did not get a picture of them) showed up first and early to make sure the place was ready.  I think it was to get the first peek of our new home

Then guest started rolling in about 10:30 or so.  We had mostly friends at first and our last landlord Ed and girlfriend Rickie stopped by to see us.  My Dad and his wife Kathy stopped by for a few minutes on there way back from a motorcycle ride to Mt. Shasta. 

Then Tammy’s family arrived which consisted of Betty (mom), Loren (dad (step-dad)), Grandpa Bruce, Grandma Nodie (Keys, CA), Aunt Gerry (Keys, CA), and Aunt Irene (Oklahoma).  Then shortly after that my Uncle B, Aunt Mary, Grandma Mike, and brother Ryan stopped in.  All the guest of the house warming party (click link for picture) listed above.

Almost forgot the kid in the black shirt at the bottom left between Brittany and Brandon is Brittany’s boyfriend.  Yep you heard me Brittany’s BOYFRIEND.  So if you ever see him make sure to put him in his place for us

We all had such a great time just visiting and talking about everything.  Of course it was great for Tammy and I to show off our home to everyone.

Tammy and I then started dinner I BBQ boneless pork ribs and seasoned potatoes.  Tammy made a green salad with different kinds of dressings.  Well hey take a look at this I actually took a picture of all of sitting around the tables of our new home.

We actually had two table in the kitchen with our little island off to the side where we served food from.  Still had a little room to walk around and get things and then sit down.  Note the dessert in the middle of the table that everyone was admiring and waiting to have.  Um, Um Um, good food and fellowship.  Here is a picture of Everyone having dinner.

It turned out to be a GREAT day.  We were all tired at the end of the day but are so blessed to finally be home owners in a beautiful new home.  Tammy and I NEVER dreamed when we started the house searching we would be living in a new home. 

We would like to thank everyone that came to our house warming party and sorry I did not get pictures of you for the blog.  I/we will try to sit down tomorrow and reflect on this day and post a new entry with everyone that came to our house warming.

We want to say a very special THANK YOU to Aunt Sharon for helping us put the house warming on.  You are the GREATEST Aunt Sharon, LOVE YOU. I better stop typing and get to bed it is late and we had a Wonderful long day.

Good night all

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