Goodbye Barry Bonds, You Will Be Missed!

Tonight is a sad night for us San Francisco Giants fans.  Tonight ends another era for the Giants franchise.  Barry Bonds #25 is playing his last game at AT&T Park in San Francisco.  I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about Barry over this last couple of years.  For a die hard Giants fan I find myself being emotional over Barry leaving the Giants.

I have watched the ups and downs that Barry has had as a Giants player.  I hope others do not dispute the fact that he is the Home Run King with 762 career home runs.  I will never give up on my Giants but I know I will have a hard time adjusting without him next year.  As I did with Shaq O’Neil of the LA Lakers.  I will keep an eye on Barry where ever he decides to go.  I consider AT&T Park the house that Bonds built.  I only hope maybe after a couple/few years when he decides to retire the Giants will bring him back to let him retire as a  San Francisco Giants where he deserves to be.   

Barry Bonds
 (Photo by Missy Mikulecky)

Good luck #25, Barry Bonds you will be missed and remember your Giants fans love you.

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