Who is Funding American Small Business Loan These Days?

unsecured business loans

During a recent request on how to drum up a Small Business Loan I went on a search.  I found a site called EzUnsecured they provide unsecured financing for businesses.  This site does not require any collateral which means you won’t have any liens or UCC filings against your assets.

Right on their website they let you know up front what you need in order to qualify for a loan.  Here is a screen shot of that process. 

unsecured financing made easy

Notice that you put in the desired amount and it tells you what kind of numbers your business needs to qualify.  That is nice to help you determine what you might qualify for before submitting the application.  That certainly can help eliminate a credit check.

If you are one of the fortunate few that have a FICO score of 700 or higher there lenders will rarely ever require any income or asset documentation.  Whether your expanding your business or starting a new business EzUnsecured is worth a peek.  It sure appears they have an easy process and offer fast funding.

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