Firefox Receives the Last Laugh.

For all you Firefox users out there.

I have stuck with IE and migrated to the latest version when it come’s out.  I have FireFox installed but do not use it that much.  I did have Netscape installed only for testing website’s that I have built.  I guess I get set in my ways and stick to it good or bad.

How about you, what browser do you use the most?

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2 Responses to Firefox Receives the Last Laugh.

  1. What a strange video that is!

    I use Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, and 64-bit 7.0. I use 32-bit 7.0 most often.

    – David

  2. admin says:

    My primary is IE 7. I have IE 5.5 and 6 installed on another system along with Firefox, Netscape, and Opera. I do not use these others very much but on occasion when testing websites I do.

    I don’t like to use any other browser but IE 7. I see where IE 8 will be out early next year.

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