Father Son Time at Starbucks

This morning I decided to take Brandon with me to Starbucks and then to school. It was dark outside at 0630 and snowing I woke Brandon up and told him to get around and let’s go to Starbucks. He jumped up and got dressed like he was in boot camp for the Navy. We drove down and went into the new Starbucks on Shasta Dam Blvd in Shasta Lake City. I ordered my Decaf coffee misto and he had a hot chocolate and apple fritter. We sat down in the lounge chairs like we were business men having a meeting. He ate his apple fritter while I drank my coffee misto. We talked about the snow and aliens and various things kids talk about. He then picked up his cup and made a toast to a great start to a day and thanked me.

As the sun rose we could see out the window and we moved to the front of Starbucks to watch the snow. We sat for about another 10 minutes and talked about snow and how cool it would be if Shasta Lake froze over (kids say the darndest things).

If you have kids make sure you take them out once in a while for a little alone time. I can attest they appreciate it.
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