Famous in 31 days

Read an article by ProBlogger called Famous in 31 Days – An Interview with John Gerard.  It’s about a guy conducting a unique social experiment. Trying to see if a person can get Famous in 31 Days, for doing very little! And based on his preliminary findings… It seems they can! 

John quiet his job and backed out of buying a home so that he could use that down payment to embark on his journey.  He is doing what he calls vlogging instead of blogging.  He is videoing this journey from a camera strapped on pointed at himself.  He explains this what prompted him to do this in a video called Famous in 31 Days Explained.  He plans to make his way across country trying to drum up media exposure and end his journey in Los Angeles hopefully on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. 

I did a post called Million Dollar Homepage about a kid that was going to make a million dollars by selling pixel ads.  These appear to be ordinary people dreaming of something to do because there bored in like.  One thing going for the two of these people is the fact there single and have no kids.  For me I have responsibilities I MUST attend to on a monthly, weekly, and daily bases.  If I was to up and quiet my job and set out on a 31 day journey to try something I would first lose my house and probably my marriage.  I would have to many grounded people telling me I was crazy.  I wonder if these guys had people tell them that and they over came the negativity and just did it?

This kind of thing just goes to show you if you put your mind to something and want it bad enough it can happen.  He is not famous yet but well on his way and will be interesting if he get’s Fame what he thinks of it.  You watch TV these days and you see all kinds of famous people in some sort of trouble.  It seems the media these days want to cover the bad in people more than the good. 

Have a safe Labor Day weekend and catch everyone on the otherside. 


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