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The Best and Worst of the Google Nexus One

I have had the Google Nexus One for about a month now.  When I first purchased it I had no intention of going with T-mobile plan for data and just using the wi-fi connection.  I anxiously awaited FedEx two bring … Continue reading

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Why you will want the Nexus One over the iPad

All the hype today is over Apple’s announcement of the new iPad multi-touch screen laptop/notebook/netbook/tablet computer.  Seems like an oversized iPhone or iPod to me at first glance. You will want to buy the Google Nexus One because you are … Continue reading

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13 Must Have Blackberry Storm Apps

I have switched to a Blackberry Storm with Verizon.  I have used BlackBerry devices for years.  The Blackberry Storm takes a lot of getting use to but is a powerhouse for business and pleasure needs. I have a lot of … Continue reading

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Why do we care if Twitter fails?

Jack Dorsey CEO and Founder of Twitter talks about how Twitter was formulated in his mind.  Then he talks about his vision of Twitter. Jack Dorsey Presents Twitter from biz stone on Vimeo.   A few things come to mind … Continue reading

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