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To Use or Not to Use Microsoft’s Word 2007 For Blogging?

Was reading post about using Microsoft Office Word 2007 called Using Word 2007 for fast and easy blogging. The real question will be rather or not it works with Fam5 and if it bloats the code behind the scenes. … Continue reading

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This is a test post from , a fancy photo sharing thing.

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One hell of a low blow, ugh!

Their are just a few things I will not do for science and this is one of them.  This guy is nuts and now he has none. So this brings up the question, what would you do for science?

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Snowing once again.

It snowed most of the day. This picture was taken about 11am this morning. The sun came out this afternoon and the snow is melting about as fast as it arrived. Another storm is due in tonight. May have more … Continue reading

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