Bugatti Veyron at top speed over 240 MPH.

Watching this video makes you wonder if there are road in the USA that can handle such a beast

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3 Responses to Bugatti Veyron at top speed over 240 MPH.

  1. I saw a road test of this creature on “Top Gear” a few months ago. It is definitely a fast vehicle. The test driver said he nearly stepped out of the vehicle while it was going 70 mph, because he felt as if it had “stopped.” He had shortly before reached 240 mph!

    – David

  2. Admiral70 says:


    The video says the track was 5 miles long. Can you really get up to 240 mph and stop in time? What a kick in the pants that must be. I have been 120 mph and could not see a darn thing. Just imagine twice that speed things must be an absolute blur.


  3. Admiral,

    I would give it a try–so long as it was not my car and I was not responsible for damages!

    – David

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