Bill Gates, Slash Rock’s CES

All the hype in the news in recent months was Bill Gates was going to be taking on Slash of Guns N’ Roses to a Guitar Hero battle.  Well here it is CES time and there was a duel and this video proves it.  Rock on Bill, Rock on…

Who is this Kelly "Tipperqueen" Law-Yone?

She is a 20 year old college student studying game designing at the University of Texas at Dallas.  In her spare time she jams to guitar hero.  When not playing guitar hero she is in front of a keyboard composing music and rocking out on her real electric guitar.


* Meeting Kov (lol)
* 1st place at UTD Intramural GH2 Tournament – June 2007
* 1st place at Waterview Park Apartments GH2, Hard difficulty,
  winter of 2006
* 3rd place overall in Midnight Gaming Championship Qualifier
* Tournaments for GH1, winter 2006
* 2nd place co op at Frets on Ice Tournament of January 2007
* GH2 5 starring Jordan (haha).

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3 Responses to Bill Gates, Slash Rock’s CES

  1. I watched some of the coverage of the show on G4 last night. There are some amazing things being displayed there. The 150″ plasma television was hot! It would take a big room to accommodate that beast!

    – David

  2. Admiral70 says:

    I was looking at my living room last night and I realized something. That large of a TV would not fit. Heck, I would have to put it diagonal on a wall with a vaulted ceiling. Hitachi launched their line of thin displays in 32-, 37-, and 42-inch sizes. Hitachi’s 1.5-inch LCD displays now I could fit one of these babies some where I am sure.


  3. Admiral70 says:


    What did you think of Tipperqueen?

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