Beauty is in the eye of the marine life

Upon my many searchers of the deep blue sea I came across SeaQuest Marine.  They are a aquariums supplies dealer with a huge selection of marine aquarium supplies and reef aquarium supplies.  We have talked about getting an aquarium for years but want to wait until we can afford a large one.  I don’t want a little vase with a beta in it but an actual aquarium with many types of fish.  Perhaps even a salt water tank and some nice fish.  My son would like a tiger shark and my little daughter wants Nemo.  I don’t know about all that but I do know that SeaQuest Marine offers Channell Glass.  Chris Channell makes the most beautiful glass-carved artwork here is his piece known as Special Delivery as you can see he has an unbelievable attention to detail. 

channell glass artwork

Channell Glass creations are unique, and bring the serenity and beauty of our worlds oceans to the windows and walls of your home or office. 

Actual Size offered

18″ x 24″
24″ x 36″
36″ x 48″
48″ x 60″

If you were thinking what could I get Fam5 Blog to show my appreciation, let me give you a hit.  It is called Red Sea Max Aquarium.  Here is a picture to help you out and don’t forget the stand.



Don’t forget Nemo for my little one 😉

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