Andrew at Dutch Bros Moves On.

It’s time to say good bye to another Batista at Dutch Bros.  Andrew worked at the Four corners (Cypress/Hartnell) location.  Andrew was a kick in the pants to have make my Protein beverage in the mornings.  Here is Andrew on his last day holding some yummies Tammy made for him.

Goodbye Andrew {Click to enlarge}

I recall having to catch an early flight out for a business trip.  The day before I was telling Andrew I was bummed that I could not get a beverage before catching a flight.  He asked me what the latest I could be here and still make it out to the airport I told him it was 0445.  I guess he normally gets there about 0500 or or so.  He told me to be here at 0445 and he would be there to make me my Protein beverage for the trip.  As I was driving to the Four Corners Dutch Bros this black car pulled up next to me and honked at me.  I had to clear my eyes to realize it was Andrew arriving the same time I was.  He opened up and made my Protein beverage which made my morning.

Tammy has always been a Starbuck’s drinker.  Andrew made her a peppermint Mocha drink that tasted just like one that Starbuck’s made for her.  Needless to say we became Dutch Bros patrons.  They named us Protein Jeff and Peppermint Tammy.

Andrew is moving to Idaho to open is own Dutch Bros shop.  We wish Andrew and his wife all the best and want to say Thank you for all the great mornings.

Take care my friend.

JB (Protein Jeff) and TB (Peppermint Tammy)

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