amazing new tool for on the go.

After speaking to a friend about going to the 2008 San Francisco Custom Rod & Motorcycle show. I needed a way to post from my cell phone to After extensive searching actually clicking around my Entrecard…tails/3270 site. I found a link to a site called Utterz that is

Utterz calls it Moblogging. It give’s you the ability to send voice messages, text messages, pictures, video and more directly from your cell phone to Utterz. Depending on how you have your account setup you can post to your blog like this one. You can even have it posted to your twitter account ( and Facebook account (admiral70). Plus a whole host of other sites and social networking sites.

Problem plaguing me all day and problem solved thanks to Utterz. Be sure to check back throughout Saturday and see my post from the 2008 San Francisco Custom Rod & Motorcycle show from the Cow Palace in San Francisco.

Good day!

Mobile post sent by admiral70 using Utterz Replies.  mp3

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