All You thought You Knew About Coffee

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I never really was a coffee drinker until I had weight loss surgery.  Up until about a month ago I was making a Protein drink blended with coffee.  Now I find I like a decaf sugar-free vanilla cafe misto (A drink made with half drip coffee, half steamed milk) made with Breve (half-n-half).

On the go and need to know the nearest Starbucks to your location?  Why not text message your zip code to ‘MYSBUX’ and they will text you back three of the nearest locations with their address and phone numbers.  For more information see the post by Chris Gilmer over at Wise Worker Daily called SMS-based Starbuck’s locator, a double shot.

McDonald’s will be adding 14,000 espresso counters.  Consumer reports magazine declared in March 2007 that McDonald’s serves a better cup of coffee.  With McDonald’s offering wi-fi who knows they might take a lion’s share of business.  Do you think McDonald’s serves a better cup of coffee than say Starbuck’s or Dutch Bros?

Wikipedia says Depending on the type of coffee and method of preparation, the caffeine content of a single serving can vary greatly. On average, a single cup of coffee of about 207 milliliters (7 fluid ounces) or a single shot of espresso of about 30 mL (1oz) can be expected to contain the following amounts of caffeine:

Dumb Little Man shows us The Pros and Cons of Coffee Drinking a I like the fact that coffee has proven to have high levels of antioxidants.  On the other hand there is evidence that coffee can cause cardiovascular disease.  During one of my recent hospital visits I asked the question if to much caffeine could have caused my heart episode.  They would not say yes however, did say to much caffeine could have attributed to it.  Needless to say I switched to decaf.

Just in case after reading all feel you need to know How to Give Up Coffee and Caffeine Altogether..

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  1. Cigar Jack says:

    Nooooo! You can take my coffee mug from me when you pry it from my cold dead twitching hands.

  2. Admiral70 says:

    Let’s not pry anything from any dead hands CigarJack. Thanks for leaving a comment and have a wonderful weekend. If your just hanging out on the computer Saturday keep an eye out on the blog. I plan to make post from the 2008 San Francisco Custom Rod & Motorcycle Show.


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