Aliens Snatch Blog Post…

Three AliensI awoke to over 25 past, present, and future post missing from  I went on a long and exhausting search for missing post.  I searched high, I searched low, I searched miles of code but to my amazement I found nothing.  I found no traces that would lead me to answers of the missing blog post.  I called my son in and said Brandon we may need to call CSI to help out on this one.  He said, “you know Dad there may be another explanation.”  I asked him what he meant, he said “Turtle Bay is exploring Are we alone?”  We continued to search for answers but this time we searched for the unexplained.  We even sat down with the family and watched E.T. the movie.  This gave us hope we devised a listening device to help find Aliens.  We even bought some Reese pieces candy and laid them out over night.  

Here I write about our alien encounters and still no evidence of what happened to the post.  We have decided it had to be the aliens.  Why not blame them?  It seems safe and more fun to blame aliens.  Of course, I doubt it could be that we were notified by Tammy’s home-based business that we are not allowed to link to her website.  We’re also not allowed to mention the name of her home-based business and post recipes. 

It was fun while it lasted and Brandon sure got a kick out of the idea that aliens just might exists.  I only hope that aliens are reading our blog and would leave comments.  We do not discriminate here at Fam5.

If you have an alien experience I would love to hear about it. 

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4 Responses to Aliens Snatch Blog Post…

  1. Jeff,

    In order to believe that aliens captured your blog posts, you must believe that aliens exist.

    To believe that aliens exist, you must believe they are capable of traveling great distances at faster-than-light speed–amazingly and very capably avoiding meteor showers and other potential disasters–and yet find themselves incapable of a simple landing, thus crashing to earth.

    I believe it is more likely that the P*****ed C**f people hacked your server! Now, THAT is frightening!

    – David

  2. admin says:

    I am pretty sure it was P**** C**f telling me to remove them from the blog. I just had to explore the option of Aliens as this is a hot topic in shasta County. Especially up at Hat Creek. Paul Allen himself donated a large amount of money to help fund listening devices to listen into deep outer space (

    I guess some pretty well known people are taking interest in the ultimate question, Are We Alone?


  3. Well-known people are not more intelligent or saner than those who are not well-known. They are simply more famous.

    If a study were done, I would imagine it would be shown that well-known people are more likely to be insane, actually. It appears to be a natural byproduct of fame.

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