500 Entrecard Credit Giveaway

While doing my typical web surfing I came across an interesting article over at Belolats.com called ‘500 Entrecard credits weekly giveaway’ in which you can earn 500 credits weekly.  To be used at Entrecard the business card for bloggers.  They also have a link love category that others might find intriguing.

If you still have not taken the time to stop by Entrecard to see there website I recommend you do so.  It cost you nothing to look and nothing to sign up if you like what you see.  If nothing else it will exposure you to a wide variety of blogs.

fam5 entrecard

Here are my current stats and I have belonged to Entrecard for about a month.

Fam5 Entrecard Stats

Have fun.

I was  Belolats.com first weekly winner and I won 500 credits at Entrecard.  Check out belolats website and if you have a blog be sure to signup for a free Entrecard blog card.

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