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Aliens Snatch Blog Post…

I awoke to over 25 past, present, and future post missing from  I went on a long and exhausting search for missing post.  I searched high, I searched low, I searched miles of code but to my amazement I found … Continue reading

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Blogging Terms

If your like me you wonder what all the  blogging terms mean.  Upon my miles of travel on the Internet I came across The Giant Blogging Terms Glossary. Are you puzzled by strange blogging terms and unusual blog abbreviations and … Continue reading

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The Many Distractions of Driving

On my way to work this morning I noticed the truck in front of me had some thing going on in the front seats.  I continued to look a little closer and noticed this lady was combing her daughters hair while … Continue reading

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15 Links You Could Live Without but Why?

KeyXL– is the largest online database of keyboard shortcuts in the world. Our keyboard shortcut database is searchable by software program and covers all the major operating environments including Windows, Macintosh, Linux and browser-based applications. Internet Slang Dictionary & … Continue reading

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